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Municipal News

By Jill Runfola

The city of Monessen held a swearing-in ceremony for city council members along with a reorganization meeting on January 2, 2018 at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 557 Donner Ave., and it was standing-room only.  Excitement was in the air for the new officials, even with the dangerously cold weather outdoors. Read more...

 The Washington County Board of Commissioners received the 2018 Washington County Local Share Account (LSA) program recommendations at their regularly scheduled agenda meeting recently. The projects were submitted by the Washington County Local Share Account Review Committee, a committee comprised of the county’s economic development professionals, municipal leaders and representatives from the state legislative delegation that recommends investments from the county’s share of gaming revenues deriving from The Meadows Racetrack & Casino.

The county commissioners announced that the committee is recommending $6,717,809 in LSA funding to be matched by $29,982,025 in additional resources.

                In announcing the recommendations, Larry Maggi, Chairman of the Washington County Board of Commissioners, stressed the importance of LSA funding on the economic growth of the county. “Over the past 11 years of this program, we have been able to utilize LSA funding to invest in [Washington County]. Washington County is unequaled in economic growth in the southwestern Pennsylvania region and these projects...will insure our current success as well as allow us to make strategic long-term investments in future growth projects,” stated Commissioner Maggi.

                Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan pointed out that the committee’s recommendations will impact the entire county, especially in new infrastructure projects. “It is encouraging to see that the committee is again recommending that a majority of LSA funding be directed to public interest projects such as water, sewage and other infrastructure development across the county,” commented Commissioner Irey Vaughan.

                Commissioner Harlan G. Shober, Jr. stated that the LSA program is important because it allows for the county to invest in local projects by using local resources. Commissioner Shober relayed, “As a former township supervisor, I understand how difficult it can be to identify resources to complete local projects. In some instances, projects can go for years until matching resources are allocated. We are fortunate in Washington County that the LSA program is the tool that has allowed us to decrease the time it takes to complete projects by increasing the ability to attract matching funds.”

The 2018 Local Share Account recommendations are:


Total Recommended Funding: $1,739,713

Total Leverage: $4,334,084

Total Impact: $6,073,797


Bentleyville Senior Center Kitchen Renovation Project

Aging Services of Washington County

Leverage: $4,000

Recommended Funding: $60,000

Bentworth Community Center Accessibility/Site Improvements Project

(paving excluded from award)

Bentleyville Public Library

Leverage: $26,040

Recommended Funding: $100,000

Blind Association Exterior Renovation Project

Washington-Greene County Blind Association

Leverage: $10,000

Recommended Funding: $25,000

Canonsburg Senior Center Electrical Upgrades Project

Canonsburg Borough

Leverage: $15,000

Recommended Funding: $44,000

Crossroads Public Parking Garage LED Lighting Project

City of Washington Parking Authority

Leverage: $5,375

Recommended Funding: $5,200

Fredericktown Front Street Gateway Phase 1 Project (ADA improvements only)

East Bethlehem Township

Leverage: $24,200

Recommended Funding: $24,200

Heritage Public Library ADA Accessible Project

Heritage Public Library

Leverage: $8,124

Recommended Funding: $8,124

Monongahela Accessible Boat Launch Project

City of Monongahela

Leverage: $22,600

Recommended Funding: $62,500

TRPIL New Headquarters and Community Center Project (flooring only)


Leverage: $58,580

Recommended Funding: $160,000

Tutor Library Development Project

Literacy Council of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Leverage: $13,000

Recommended Funding: $10,000

Walnut Street Extension Project

Dunlevy Borough

Leverage: $410,000

Recommended Funding: $246,405

Washington Area Humane Society Building Project

Washington Area Humane Society

Leverage: $3,500,000

Recommended Funding: $300,000

Washington Business District Authority Façade Improvement Project

Washington Business District Authority

Leverage: $15,000

Recommended Funding: $30,000

Washington Code Enforcement Demolition Project

City of Washington

Leverage: $50,000

Recommended Funding: $200,000


Washington County Library System Electronic Network Project (van purchase excluded from award)

Washington County Library System

Leverage: $30,000

Recommended Funding: $65,000

Washington County Research and Education Center Project

Washington County Historical Society

Leverage: $20,000

Recommended Funding: $134,059

Washington Park Main Pavilion Restoration Phase II Project

Rotary International

Leverage: $102,000

Recommended Funding: $200,000

West Brownsville Water Boulevard Playground Project

West Brownsville Borough

Leverage: $20,165

Recommended Funding: $65,225


Total Recommended Funding: $1,475,000

Total Leverage: $13,127,517

Total Impact: $14,602,517

Former Canon Mac Metals Bridge & Access Road (contingent upon project going through)

Houston Borough

Leverage: $548,700

Recommended Funding: $200,000

Mid Mon Valley Economic and Revitalization Strategy

Mon Valley Alliance

Leverage: $75,000

Recommended Funding: $75,000

Starpointe Business Park Phase 1C Earthwork & Infrastructure (contingent upon RACP Grant)


Leverage: $12,303,817

Recommended Funding: $1,000,000


Washington County Marketing Initiative


Leverage: $200,000

Recommended Funding: $200,000


Total Recommended Funding: $85,000

Total Leverage: $87,000

Total Impact: $172,000


Trinity Area School District – Intermediate Unit #1 Solar and Wind Energy Farm

Trinity Area School District

Leverage: $87,000

Recommended Funding: $85,000



Total Recommended Funding: $3,417,376

Total Leverage: $12,433,424

Total Impact: $15,850,800

CIPP Repair Program - Project B – East

Peters Creek Sanitary Authority

Leverage: $182,000

Recommended Funding: $182,000

Country Club Pump Station Rehabilitation Project

Carroll Township Authority

Leverage: $150,500

Recommended Funding: $300,000

Combined Sewer Overflow Control Phase II Project

Authority of the Borough of Charleroi

Leverage: $10,100,000

Recommended Funding: $350,000

Donora Pump Station Screenings Improvements Project

Mon Valley Sewage Authority

Leverage: $357,750

Recommended Funding: $285,250

East Beth Aeration Blowers Project

East Bethlehem Municipal Authority

Leverage: $15,000

Recommended Funding: $79,000

East Beth UV Disinfection Project

East Bethlehem Municipal Authority

Leverage: $15,000

Recommended Funding: $153,000

Overlook Sewage and Sanitary Sewer Extension Project

Union Township

Leverage: $40,000

Recommended Funding: $250,000

Pump Station A Project

Centerville Borough Sanitary Authority

Leverage: $25,000

Recommended Funding: $275,000

Centerville Clinics, Inc. Radiology Equipment Replacement & Enhancement

Centerville Clinics, Inc.

Leverage: $36,709

Recommended Funding: $110,126

Charleroi Infrastructure Improvements Project (mapping project only)

Charleroi Borough

Leverage: $10,000

Recommended Funding: $75,000

Home Ownership of Washington County


Leverage: $130,000

Recommended Funding: $75,000

Reimaging Washington (Home Rehabilitation Program)

City of Washington CDC

Leverage: $173,500

Recommended Funding: $200,000


Three Dimensional Digital Mammography

Monongahela Valley Hospital and Washington Health System

Leverage: $435,223

Recommended Funding: $500,000

Washington County Home Rehabilitation, Access & Homebuyer Programs

Redevelopment Authority

Leverage: $501,450

Recommended Funding: $501,450

Washington Regional SWAT/Protective Vest Purchase

Washington Regional SWAT

Leverage: $261,292

Recommended Funding: $81,550

2018 Total Recommended Funding: $6,717,089

Total Leverage: $29,982,025

Total Impact: $36,699,114

 As the year draws to a close, the Jefferson Regional Foundation is proud to announce it has awarded nearly $6 million in local grants since2014 in support of its mission to improve the health and well-being of the communities served by Jefferson Hospital through grantmaking, education, and outreach. The Foundation’s focus has been on increasing health access and prevention, improving outcomes for children and families, and strengthening vulnerable populations and communities. Read more...

By Charlotte Hopkins

The Allegheny County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) paid homage to the life and achievements of Deputy Sheriff Mark Lewis, who lost his life suddenly on July 4, 2017 from a brain aneurysm. His family was presented with the Career Service Award in honor of the deputy's 24 years of dedication, loyalty, and service to the sheriff's office. Read more...

By Miranda Startare

New Eagle Borough Council announced at its December 5 meeting the approval of the 2018 budget, which will include an increase in taxes for residents. Read more...





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