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By Paul Chasko

Every year, over 70,000 children are transported by ambulances in Pennsylvania; almost every seven minutes a child is being taken to the hospital with a potentially life-threatening medical condition.

JHAA Ambulance

In order to ensure that EMS agencies within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are prepared for pediatrics, the Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Services for Children program, in partnership with the Department of Health, Bureau of EMS and the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council, has created the Pediatric Voluntary Recognition Program (PVRP) to recognize EMS agencies that are willing to go above and beyond current requirements to deliver excellence in emergency medical care to children within the Commonwealth.

The PVRP has recognized 64 EMS agencies across the state in its initial recognition phase, including the Jefferson Hills Area Ambulance (JHAA), located in Jefferson Hills, PA. Currently, the JHAA is recognized at the master level, which means that the ambulance service has additional pediatric-specific medical equipment on their ambulances. By carrying additional equipment not currently on the Pennsylvania Department of Health's required equipment list, the JHAA is demonstrating that they are truly prepared for pediatric patients and are ready to respond to any and all emergency situations involving Pennsylvania's youngest citizens.

Parents with children residing in Union Township should be pleased to note that by mid-summer a JHAA ambulance and crew will be housed 24/7 in the new Emergency Response Center located in the Union Township Municipal building. Being more centrally located in Union Township, their response time to emergencies in the township will be significantly improved. JHAA is the primary ambulance provider for the Boroughs of Jefferson Hills and West Elizabeth as well as the Townships of Union and Forward. Additionally, the ambulance service provides mutual aid coverage to neighboring communities when needed.




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Mon Valley Hospital

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