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The Monessen Public library will host two programs during May that the public will surely find interesting and informative.


On Saturday May 11 at 1:00PM Stan Gordon will host "An Intrusion of UFOs, Bigfoot, and Mysterious Happenings in Pennsylvania". This program will discuss some of the classic UFO, Bigfoot, (cryptids) Strange creature cases, and other mysterious incidents that have taken place in Pennsylvania and throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region. Stan will also talk about the surge of unusual incidents that took place during 2023. Many low level and daylight UFO sightings were reported. There were also close range daylight Bigfoot sightings reported from many areas. Numerous strange encounters continued to occur in the areas around the Chestnut Ridge.  

On Saturday May 18th at 12:00 pm join Ray Wotkowski as he discusses the history of the famous "Duesenberg" car and the final journey that ended with the death of Fred Duesenberg in an accident on Route 30 near Ligonier, PA.

The Monessen Public Library is located at 326 Donner Ave, in Monessen.  For questions or additional information, call 724-684-4750.


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