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With $5.4M raised, SHIM looks to raise additional funds to support and strengthen key services

South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) announces the final phase of its ‘Do More Good’ campaign to address growing needs and strengthen key services amid the pandemic. As the end of the campaign approaches, additional funds are needed to fuel critical improvements to SHIM’s infrastructure, fill program gaps, and support staff development as they continue to help residents meet basic needs and achieve self-sufficiency.

The ‘Do More Good’ campaign was launched in October 2018. Since then, a community including Jefferson Regional Foundation, Richard King Mellon Foundation, Eden Hall Foundation and The Pittsburgh Foundation, individuals, and volunteers have stepped up in generous ways to support it. To date, $5.4 million has been raised.

The vulnerable populations SHIM serves continues to be the hardest hit by the pandemic, leading to a 61% increase in assistance for basic needs over the past year. While the pandemic exposed gaps in the safety net in the South Hills, it also highlighted the power of neighbors helping neighbors.

“Because of our incredible donors, we have been able to provide the basics our community desperately requires. From food and clothing to educational support for children, thousands of individuals and families turned to SHIM in the last year. And our work is far from over,” said Jim Guffey, SHIM’s Executive Director. “Together, we’ve all done much good; now it’s time to do even more good.”

By supporting the Do More Good campaign, donors help SHIM improve and upgrade infrastructure, fortify existing best-practice programs, and create a responsive model of service programs allowing SHIM to meet the emerging needs of South Hills residents well into the future:

  • Strengthening Infrastructure: From upgrading our vehicle fleet to paving our parking lots, strengthening SHIM’s infrastructure strengthens our programs.
  • Supporting and Strengthening Key Services: Through food pantries, community gardens, volunteer programs, early childhood learning, middle- and high-school mentoring, direct assistance, and service coordination, SHIM reduces the effects of suburban poverty and in turn strengthens our community.
  • Enhancing Capacity Building: SHIM understands the importance of investing in people – both neighbors in need and staff and volunteers who work diligently to provide top-notch programs and services. SHIM is committed to staff development and training, creating a culture of ongoing innovation.
  • Supporting Long-Term Sustainability and Developing a Comprehensive Service Delivery Model: By strengthening infrastructure, investing in key programs, and enhancing capacity, SHIM will ensure long-term fiscal soundness for the future of the South Hills.

“Last year was rough for everyone; now is the time to take what we’ve learned and move forward in creating a better South Hills for the future,” said Tim Millett, SHIM’s Chair, Board of Directors. “By supporting this campaign, we can make sure SHIM’s resources, dedicated staff, and volunteers can continue to enrich the programs and services to sustain a long-term thriving community.”

Those looking to support SHIM and its mission to rebuild, heal and strengthen the South Hills through the Do More Good campaign may make a donation at until June 30, 2021.





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