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While in town for Monongahela’s 250th Celebration, August 8-11, 2019, be sure to experience the free, 2 hour self guided walking tour that blends both the architectural and personal histories of the buildings and the people associated with each site.

Pick up a walking tour brochure from the box at the Monongahela Historical Society.

Pick up a brochure from the box on the front door of the Historical Society building at 230 W. Main. Download the free QR reader app to your smartphone. Then begin the tour. At the first site simply scan the code next to that site in the brochure to bring up narrated videos that include old photos and additional history. Learn about the Whiskey Rebellion, the invention of Carborundum, the Underground Railroad, the Italian Immigration, the Great Depression and many other stories including the history of the Longwell house, new home to the Monongahela Area Historical Society.

Although, the experience is more in-depth with a Smartphone, the tour can still be taken with the brochure only. If you cannot make it to town to walk the tour, it is available on U Tube by typing in Monongahela Walking Tour.

• Download QR reader app to your phone prior to coming that day.
• Bring Earbuds to this event. There can be heavy traffic and train noise.
• Start the tour with 100% charge.
• Take the case off of your phone for best results in viewing the videos.
• Turn off QR reader between sites to conserve battery charge.
• If you experience a problem with the video starting, turn off wi-fi in settings




Pizza Station


Mon Valley Hospital

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