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Find the hidden treasures of the Whiskey Rebellion as you explore the major historical landmarks located in Southwestern Pennsylvania on a sunny Sunday afternoon in May.

BradfordHouse May 2019
Rob Windhorst

On May 19, beginning at 9:00 a.m., , slightly hilarious and extremely knowledgeable, will tell stories as you relax on a luxury charter tour bus, driving participants from the Bradford House, over to Woodville Plantation, and onto Oliver Miller Homestead. During the day, attendees will be astonished by the differences in lifestyles and historical connections.

Windhorst spent many years being the Director of the Woodville Plantation. He is a reenactor of Wayne’s Legion, who were twelve American soldiers sent to protect the home of General John Neville, the tax inspector, during the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794. Despite their protection, the Neville House was dramatically burned by the whiskey-making farmers of southwestern Pennsylvania who opposed the unfair administration of the whiskey tax. Among other story-telling on the bus tour, Mr. Windhorst will point out where the Neville House stood on Bower Hill that fateful day.

The tour will convene at the Bradford House Museum ( The house was the home of David Bradford, an attorney and businessmen who supported the rebels and became the leader of the rebel militia after the battle of Bower Hill. It was the only stone house in Washington and Alexander Hamilton led 13,000 troops, right up to the front door to arrest David Bradford.

Then, the tour moves onto the Woodville Plantation ( which was John Neville’s first home and still house. Here you will see how gentry like General Neville lived. And ironically, he owned the biggest still in the area.

The last stop on the tour brings participants around to the home of one of these farmers that burned the Neville House down. The Oliver Miller Homestead( was the site of the death of grandson, Oliver Miller, who was wounded during the burning of the Neville House. You will also see the original still that was used during the Whiskey Rebellion.

This first of its kind tour includes a morning 18th century snack and an afternoon buffet lunch. For more information, go to or call 724-222-3604.


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