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Municipal News

The following announcements were released by Union Township.

Breakfast With Santa

Bring Your Children and join us for a hot pancake breakfast with Santa Claus!


Starts at 9:00 AM



To register, call or email: 724-348 4250 /

Snapshot Look at Union Township Assets after 3rd Quarter

Below is a quick look at the assets held by Union Township at the end of the 2019 third quarter. Performance against 2019 budget and other financial details including the 2020 budget are available for public review at the Union Township Office. Union Twp. Finances, to date, look adequate to close out 2019, but the last quarter typically sees operating costs increase and revenues decline.

Assets   Checking and Savings   100  Cash In Bank   Unrestricted

September 30


December 31


Brentwood Bank Checking 2,410,068.02 2,167,491.30
Brentwood Bank – Payroll Account 9,995.74 8,568.84
Impact Fees Account – PLIGIT Class 955,29 939.86
Impact Fees Account – PLIGIT 1 Class 178,583.70 175,528.17
PLIGIT /Plus Class – Operating Reserve 238,492.98 234,447.42
PLIGIT CLASS – Operating Reserve 161,833.52 159,203.72
Patterson Road Project 18,902.13 18,411.17
TOTAL 100 Cash in bank Unrestricted 3,018,831.38 2,764,590.48

Assets     Checking and Savings   109        Cash In Bank     Restricted

September 30


December 31


BWB Veteran’s Memorial Fund


0.00 320.69
Brentwood Bank Escrow Account 98,192.86 44,779.64
PLIGIT Escrow Fund 44,951.86 47,528.73
Total 109 Cash in Bank Restricted 147,144.72 95,629.06

Other Announcements

Planned Residential Developments (PRD’s)

  • On November 20, representatives of Joseph and Debra Lisanti and NVR Inc. presented to the Board a letter responding to the final issues needing resolution regarding their PRD project on the Mineral Beach property. The Board approved the PRD contingent on NVR’s response to the final issues.  The plan features 104 single family homes. A presentation preceded the board vote showcasing the plan layout and the 5 styles of homes to be constructed.   Main access to the plan remains to be Walter Long Road.


  • Permitting continues leading to final approval of a PRD proposed by Scarmazzi Homes of its Hidden Hollow project (100 plus homes).   Most recently, Union Twp. received a request to support the Scarmazzi Homes application for a PennDOT grant to help finance construction of a turning lane on Route 88 for access to Hidden Hollow Rd, and for improvements to Hidden Hollow Rd.  The Twp. is supporting this grant request.


  • Imminent new ownership of the Tuscany Estates Development Project Is a positive move for Union Twp. and for the present and future residents of Tuscany Estates.



Solicitation of grants is ongoing. With most grants, a successful acquisition may mean an expenditure of matching funds from the Twp. budget. Planning for success is always crucial – this includes grant acquisitions.

  • The Twp. was recently informed that it has been awarded the DCNR grant for Elrama ParK in the amount of $ 49,900. These funds are to be used to transform a vacant lot in Elrama to a recreational park with features that are likely to include a pavilion, play area for children and a temporary parking area.
  • The funds ($ 66,400) from a successful 2018 Community Development Block Grant for improvements to the Municipal Building Rest Rooms are being released. This project will soon begin to improve handicapped access and generally upgrade the facilities.   Any excess funds from this project have been approved to be used for demolition of condemned structures in the township.

MS4 Compliance (Sewage Projects)

  • The most significant efforts to comply with our MS4 permit is the ongoing plans to complete the three major sewage projects in Union Twp. (Overlook, Finleyville/Elrama Rd and Mingo Circle. Overlook is waiting for resolution of easements with property owners. Finleyville Elrama Rd. and Mingo Circle await final design completion and inclusion as part of a revised Union Township 537 plan.
  • Union Township has prepared a Stormwater Management Plan that is available for public review at the Union Twp. Municipal Building until December 31, 2019.




Pizza Station


Mon Valley Hospital

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