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Municipal News

Below are updates on recent happenings in Union Township.

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Two Area Builders Interested in New Residential Development in Union Township

NVR/Ryan Home Builders have presented in front of Union Township’s (UT) Planning Department (PD) seeking approval on next steps for a Conditional Use Hearing for a Planned Residential Development (PRD) on the Mineral Beach property. The project aims at building approximately 109 single level living ranch style homes in the approximate price range of low/mid $200,000’s.

Scarmazzi Homes Builders have also presented in front of the UT’s PD with a rezoning request for a 55-acre tract of land along Hidden Hollow Road (adjacent to Route 88) from C2 to RD in preparation for next steps toward a proposed PRD. The conceptual drawings presented were a mix of quad and court yard patio homes in the approximate price range of $250,000- $300,000.

The requested rezoning and proposed PRD’s are in line with UT’s Comprehensive Development Plan and the current Board’s vision for UT.   The potential increased tax income will benefit the Township for future sewage, infrastructure, and beatification projects.  

Rapid Bridge Replacement Project Cancelled

UT Supervisors were notified that due to issues with right of way acquisition Penn Dot has made a determination to remove the bridge replacement on Rt. 88 from the Rapid Bridge Replacement Project list. Consequently, Patterson Road will no longer serve as a detour route.

UT Bldg
Union Township Municipal Building

ACT 537 Sewage Facilities Program UPDATE

The purpose of the DEP Sewage facilities program is to implement the PA Sewage Facilities Act 537 in order to help address existing sewage disposal needs and to help prevent future problems through proper planning, permitting, and design of all types of sewage facilities. UT is currently undergoing this process in two areas of the Township; Mingo Circle, and Finley-Elrama Road. Using grant monies received from Washington County, Senate Engineering, overseen by Township engineer Harshman CE Group (HCEG), is moving towards completing the Act 537 planning on these areas. Additionally, HCEG has begun final design work on the Overlook Sewage area in preparation for permit applications to PA DEP and PennDot. A public workshop was held on March 11 to review proposed scope and anticipated costs. Township Supervisors have spoken extensively in public meetings regarding options for financial planning for these massive expenses.   The first of these three areas to be constructed will be Overlook. These infrastructures will be a major hurdle in future planning.


Welcome Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Joan Carmen! Please join UT in welcoming newly hired Mrs. Carmen to UT’s staff!

Welcome Supervisor Robert Dooley! Please join UT in welcoming newly appointed Supervisor Robert Dooley. Mr. Dooley was appointed at a Special Meeting in February 2019 to fill a vacated seat.

Do You Have Electronics to Recycle?

Waste Management offers a convenient service for residents to properly dispose and recycle household hazardous waste safely, easily, and responsibly. These items may include paints, household cleaners, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), automotive products, garden chemicals, batteries, electronics, and more. For a complete list of acceptable items, program guidelines and to schedule a home collection:

•              Visit WMATYOURDOOR.COM

•              CALL (800)449-7587

Parks & Recreation Department Updates!

Union Township is proud to be working with Mr. Josh Werner from our Parks and Recreation Board.   Mr. Werner and his team are busy planning many events for our residents in 2019: Easter Breakfast; Clean Up Day; Campout; Kickball Tournament; Halloween Egg Hunt; Breakfast With Santa.

The Union Township Parks and Recreation Board is made up of five volunteers. The residents are Josh Werner, Matthew Graham, Jessica Raco, Anthony Raco, and Heather Dougherty. The board meets once a month to discuss upcoming projects to planning events for the community. Please stay up to date with our programs on the Union Township Facebook page.


Mr. Werner came to the UT Board with a request of a possible new baseball fence and an updated field for our area youth.   The Board is requesting bids for the fence and speaking to local leagues about possibilities.   We’ll keep you posted!

GILMORE ROAD - Possible Vacating

Township Supervisors have authorized the engineers to proceed with possibly vacating of Township right of way from Coal Bluff to Powell Lane due to the poor condition of the roadway. Engineers and Solicitors are coordinating hearing and and preparation of documents.   Options for possibly reallocation of grant monies obtained for the repairing of this road are being analyzed.  Since this section of roadway is so prone to slides, the Board beleives a move to vacate this section may be in the best interest of the township - for both financial and safety reasons.

COURTNEY HILL Road - Task Force

A Task Force has been established to study the timeline of events over the past several decades to better understand the difficulties with Courtney Hill Road flooding and possible solutions.


As part of a new process being instituted by UT and HCEG, the Board has begun and will continue to address routine general inspections and enforcement of all Retaining Ponds in the Township.   The goal being stormwater management for our residents during large rain events.  


The UT Board has requested a meeting with Ringgold Administration for another walk through and more discussion on the future of the former Middle School Building.   The next meeting is scheduled for March 18, 2019.

UT is looking for volunteers to serve on several Boards:

•              Vacancy Board

•              Zoning Hearing Board Alternate

•              UCC Appeals Board (3 positions)

Contact us if you are interested!


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